Advance Lounge Chair Series 2013

April 25, 2013


Bad Seed: Why It's Better to Bootstrap Your Business

Warren Hogarth, a venture capitalist for Sequoia Capital, explains why the startup ecosystem is out of whack and how often the best and brightest companies start out with the least amount of seed funding.

Changing the Face of Health: Movember Sells Mustaches

Adam Garone, founder of Movember - a non-profit raising awareness for men's health - talks about recruiting NHL and NFL athletes to promote the campaign and the challenge of changing your appearance for a cure.

DIY World Tour: How Posse Uses Fans to Hype Up Brands

Rebekah Campbell, founder of Posse, says that just like rock bands, brands need to reach out to fans in cities to build momentum from the ground up.

Don't Be Gutless: How Atlassian CEO Fires Employees

Co-founder and CEO of Atlassian Mike Cannon-Brookes says the hardest lesson to learn as a first-time CEO was how to fire employees.

Done is Better Than Perfect: Why Google Lets Ideas Fail

Alan Noble, engineering director at Google Australia, explains why allowing ideas to fail is best practice for smart thinking companies.

How Red Bull Stratos Tests the Limits of Stress

Andy Walshe, high performance director for Red Bull, explains why finding a sweet spot of stress and testing your limits are key to risk and discovery.

About this conference

The 2013 Lounge Chair Series provides entrepreneurs, innovators and investors with a unique opportunity to explore and better understand the challenges faced when 'Building Global Companies'.

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