Advance Lounge Chair Series 2013

April 25, 2013


Thursday, April 25

8:40 am PDT From Australia to the World: The Atlassian Experience     Watch On-Demand
Mike Cannon-Brookers, Co-Founder & CEO of Atlassian, discusses bring the Atlassian Experience from Australia to the World.
9:45 am PDT Does My Start-Up Have Global Brand Potential?     Watch On-Demand
A panel of start-up CEOs discuss what a company needs to have to become a successful global brand.
11:15 am PDT Investment Strategies in the Valley and Beyond     Watch On-Demand
A panel of start-up investment experts discuss strategies for investing in Silicon Valley and beyond.
1:15 pm PDT Red Bull's High Performance Director: Unlocking Potential     Watch On-Demand
Andy Walshe, High Performance Director for Red Bull, discusses how to unlock human potential.
2:45 pm PDT Building an Innovative Creative Thinking Culture     Watch On-Demand
A panel of start-up experts discuss how to create a business culture that is supportive of creative thinking and innovation.
3:45 pm PDT Finding Inspiration and the Quest to Build a Global Brand     Watch On-Demand
Branding professionals discuss finding business inspiration and embarking on the quest to build a successful global brand.

About this conference

The 2013 Lounge Chair Series provides entrepreneurs, innovators and investors with a unique opportunity to explore and better understand the challenges faced when 'Building Global Companies'.

About Advance

Advance’s mission is to build and engage a community of global Australians who are able to make a difference for Australians, Australian companies and Australia around the globe.

Our ultimate aim is to create a community that benefits:
  • Australian companies with global growth aspirations
  • Young Australians who want to make their mark in the world
  • Established leaders who want to give back to the next generation of Australian talent
  • Global Australians that want to be a ‘brain resource’ to Australia through their knowledge, connections and expertise
  • Advance talent return

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