Churchill Club's 14th Annual Top 10 Tech Trends

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length: 01:50:28 | date: 05.22.2012

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From 13th Annual Top 10 Tech Trends:
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About this event

What new trends will emerge in the next several years? Find out at one of the Churchill Club’s most anticipated events of the year: the 14th Annual Top 10 Tech Trends debate. Be sure to get your seat as we welcome some of the techno-industries’ leading (and most opinionated) luminaries as they evaluate predictions for the years ahead. Our distinguished panel will rate and debate the trends. And our usual live audience of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest—all with opinions of their own—will be asked to agree or disagree.

About Churchill Club

The Churchill Club is Silicon Valley's premier business and technology forum. The 6,000-member, nonprofit organization has built a reputation for dynamic, in-the-news programs featuring Silicon Valley CEOs, up-and-coming executives and national business leaders. The events regularly draw more than 400 attendees and give members the opportunity to network with the best of Silicon Valley.

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