ABA Section of International Law 2012 Spring Meeting

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Jury Challenges in International Cyber Cases

Assistant U.S. Attorney Seth Kosto details challenges juries face hearing international cyber hacking cases. Kosto admits that you have to overcome the "Some Other Dude Did It" defense.

The Potential of Africa's Emerging Financial Market

Iwa Salami, financial law lecturer at the University of East London, discusses Africa's emerging financial market. Salami argues that Africa's growth trends set it as a high rate of return relative to other advanced economies.

The ‘Commandments of Cross Examination’ in Int’l Law

Judith Gill discusses whether Irving Younger’s “10 Commandments of Cross Examination” apply in international law contexts. She argues that while Younger’s rules often serve as a good guideline, “cross examination is an art, it’s not a science.”

Ben Ferencz: International Law Must Deter Aggression

Drawing from his experience as a prosecutor in the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals, Ben Ferencz argues that international law bodies must hold war criminals accountable for global aggression.

Challenge of Protecting Client Financial Confidentially

Wayne Pearson, U.S. Director of International Solutions at RBC Wealth Management, New York, discusses the challenge of balancing privacy and financial transparency for international clients.

Corruption, Deception and the Importance of Due Diligence

David M. Silk and Shiau Yen Chin-Dennis discuss the importance of doing your due diligence when buying a company in another country.  Chin-Dennis relates the story of a large corporation that almost bought a non-existent company.

In Human Trafficking Cases, Prevention Should Come First

Jonathan Todres, Associate Professor of Law at Georgia State University, emphasizes that combating human trafficking takes a three prong approach. Todres acknowledges that most efforts take place after that fact, and more emphasis needs to be put on prevention.

Measuring the Success of Pro Bono Work

Jean Berman of the International Senior Lawyers Project suggests that, while some pro bono work may not have clear metrics by which to measure the outcome of a case, a lawyer can evaluate their success by first clearly defining the goals of a project.

Shell's General Counsel on New Frontiers of Legal Risk

Shell’s David Brinley argues that as more and more risk-taking behaviors carry greater legal consequences, it’s important for corporate lawyers to “get outside of their comfort zones”.

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About this conference

ABA International’s Spring Meeting—held biennially in New York--is one of the world’s most important gatherings of international lawyers. The 2012 Spring Meeting in New York attracted 1,500 attendees from over 80 countries. Spring Meeting attendees included: 
  • High-level practitioners with the largest and most respected global law firms; 
  • Lawyers with the most prominent regional and national firms inside and outside the U.S.; 
  • U.S.-based small-firm and solo practitioners with significant international practice; 
  • Corporate and in-house counsel; 
  • Lawyers serving in government or with non-governmental organizations and inter-governmental organizations; 
  • Academics. 
ABA International is the “ABA home” for the world’s leading international practitioners, and the 2012 Spring Meeting is a “Must-Attend” meeting for lawyers with a practice or interest in international legal issues.

About American Bar Association Section of International Law

Founded in 1933, the Section of International Law is the leader in the development of policy in the international arena, the promotion of the rule of law and the education of international law practitioners. It is the only ABA entity that focuses on the full range of international legal issues and is involved in a wide variety of substantive legal activities. The Section's purposes are to promote interest, activity, and research in international and comparative law and related areas; to further its development; to diffuse knowledge among members of the legal profession and others; to formulate professional opinion thereon; to promote professional relationships with lawyers similarly engaged in foreign countries; and to implement Goal VIII of the Association -- "To advance the rule of law in the world." To address these issues, the Section has assigned over 60+ regional and special interest committees, task forces and working groups within twelve divisions – Africa/Eurasia, Americas/Middle East, Business Regulation, Constituent, Corporate, Disputes, Finance, Industries, Legal Practice, Public International Law and Tax, Estates & Individuals - to closely monitor and disseminate information on domestic and international policy developments with implications for law practice. The Section's membership of 23,000+ includes over 50% of its lawyer members in private practice, 1500 in-house counsel, 800 U.S. lawyers living abroad, and 1200 non-U.S. lawyers** in 90 countries

For more information, visit: http://www.americanbar.org/groups/international_law

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