2015 WIRED Business Conference

May 12, 2015


Tuesday, May 12

9:00 am EDT Welcome: Robert Capps, Head of Editorial, WIRED     Watch On-Demand
Robert Capps, Head of Editorial, WIRED
9:03 am EDT Letter From the Editor: WIRED's Scott Dadich     Watch On-Demand
Scott Dadich, Editor in Chief, WIRED
9:10 am EDT Engineering Equality: Pinterest's Tracy Chou     Watch On-Demand
Tracy Chou, Engineering Lead, Pinterest
9:55 am EDT What's a Picture Worth? Instagram Cofounder Mike Krieger     Watch On-Demand
Mike Krieger, Cofounder, Instagram
in conversation with Jessi Hempel
11:15 am EDT Writers Unblocked: Anna Todd and Wattpad's Allen Lau     Watch On-Demand
Allen Lau, Cofounder & CEO, Wattpad
Anna Todd, Author, After
in conversation with Jason Tanz
9:35 am EDT Liberty & Data for All
DJ Patil, Deputy CTO for Data Policy & Chief Data Scientist, USA
in conversation with Jason Tanz, Editor at Large, WIRED
11:40 am EDT My Portfolio Manager is a Robot: Wealthfront's Adam Nash     Watch On-Demand
Adam Nash, President & CEO, Wealthfront
in conversation with Cade Metz, Senior Writer, WIRED
12:05 am EDT Second Chances: MDC Humanitarian Award Recipient     Watch On-Demand
MDC Humanitarian Award Recipient
Catherine Hoke, Founder & CEO, Defy Ventures

Kim Morris, Founder & CEO, The Cleaned Space
Coss Marte, Founder & CEO, ConBody
Seth Sundberg, Founder & CEO, Prison Bars

Lunch: 12:30 - 1:40 pm EDT
1:40 pm EDT Break Chatter: Inventing the Impossible     Watch On-Demand
Sponsored Session
Marco Tempest, Director's Fellow, MIT Media Lab; Cyber Illusionist
Presented by Qualcomm's Inventor Lab
2:00 pm EDT Social Infrastructure: BIG's Bjarke Ingels     Watch On-Demand
Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner & Creative Director, BIG
2:25 pm EDT A Mobile Future: Y Media Labs     Watch On-Demand
Ashish Toshniwal, CEO, Y Media Labs
Sumit Mehra, President & CTO, Y Media Labs
in conversation with Kim Kelleher, Chief Revenue Officer, WIRED
2:45 pm EDT We're All Connected: Networked Insights CEO Dan Neely     Watch On-Demand
Dan Neely, Founder & CEO, Networked Insights
in conversation with Robert Capps
3:00 pm EDT Life-Saving Drones: CyPhy Works CEO Helen Greiner     Watch On-Demand
Helen Greiner, CEO, CyPhy Works
in conversation with Cade Metz
4:00 pm EDT Cannabis Capitalist: Brendan Kennedy, Privateer Holdings     Watch On-Demand
Brendan Kennedy, CEO, Privateer Holdings
in conversation with Issie Lapowsky, Staff Writer, WIRED
4:25 pm EDT Made By Hand: Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson     Watch On-Demand
Chad Dickerson, CEO, Etsy
in conversation with Jessi Hempel

About this conference

On May 12, the WIRED Business Conference 2015 will take you beyond the usual tech-conference suspects. Our event is designed introduce you to the true doers in the modern business universe. These aren't the people you've heard of a thousand times. They are the people who, right now, are actually developing the products, tools, and ideas that will power tomorrow. Get to know them. They are what's NEXT.

Featuring an interactive cross-pollination of approaches and solutions, this day-long event is designed to inspire fresh thinking and new ideas. The speakers will share secrets and novel approaches to problem-solving, delivering the critical insights that only come when you're prepared to challenge the status quo. This is the WIRED Business Conference.

For more information, visit: http://www.wiredbusinessconference.com/


WIRED is the first word on how technology is changing the world. WIRED's focus is less on the technology itself, and more on the impact of technology: on business, science, and culture. WIRED sees change as opportunity. We embrace the future and help foster innovation, invention, and disruption. WIRED is the guide for what's next. The WIRED mission is to tell the world something they have never heard before in a way they have never seen.

For more information, visit: www.wired.com