Community Guidelines

As an online community of intelligent people, we hold a variety of diverse opinions. We welcome this diversity, and ask that all our members adhere to these simple guidelines: Play Nice.

This may be pretty self-explanatory, but if not, it means:

  • Do not post content that is deliberately hostile and insulting.
  • Do not post content with the intent of provoking an angry response.
  • Do not post content containing commercial solicitations.
  • Do not post content containing personal attacks, hate speech or bigotry.
  • Do not post content containing sexual advances or solicitations.
  • Do not post content that contains frontal nudity or explicit sexual activity.
  • Do not bump discussions. Bumping is when one member repeatedly posts to a thread in which there is no other activity.
  • Be Safe.

Please keep certain personal information to yourself. For your own safety, we ask that you don't give out credit card numbers, social security numbers, telephone numbers, addresses, passwords, or driver's license numbers to strangers online. Promote in the Right Place.

We appreciate your compliance with these guidelines. While we are devoted to free speech, we reserve the right to remove posts that do not respect these guidelines or that detract significantly from our users' experience on the site. Breaches to any of these guidelines could result in the loss of your posting privileges. The first infraction will result in a warning; the second infraction could result in a temporary or permanent loss of posting privileges.


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