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Spying: Who's Afraid of the NSA?

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Joseph Ratliff Avatar
Joseph Ratliff
Posted: 11.29.13, 08:50 AM
And finally, "if it has to be secret (classified), it must be extremely specific, both in instance, and for a specific individual with a demonstrated specific purpose." Vacuuming up data to sift through is not specific.
Joseph Ratliff Avatar
Joseph Ratliff
Posted: 11.29.13, 08:44 AM
The former Senator might have understood the following two questions better: 1. When (and exactly how) does any member of the Intelligence community get held accountable for overstepping their authority? 2. If Snowden didn't blow the whistle on the NSA, exactly how would the public have known about what is now KNOWN as the NSA violating everything we hold dear in this country? (1st and 4th Amendment)
Joseph Ratliff Avatar
Joseph Ratliff
Posted: 11.29.13, 08:13 AM
The former Senator may have forgot that James Clapper also lied to Congress, on video, about whether or not the NSA was in fact collecting data on American citizens. Instead, the former Senator seemed biased, and focused on Snowden violating the law (which he did).

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