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Clocks, Politics, and Changing Times

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Clocks, Politics, and Changing Times

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ChrisSimpson Avatar
Posted: 03.06.14, 04:52 PM
He's just dead wrong when he says that an astrolabe will be made different, or will work differently, depending on whether one believes that the earth doesn't spin but is the center of a star-framework that spins, or, alternatively, believes that the earth spins within a star-framework that is not moving. The question and its speculative answers will have no bearing on the workings of astolables, which are all based on the RELATIVE motions of the earth and stars, and the RELATIVE motion is the same regardless whether the Earth is fixed or not. I'm not merely saying he's wrong, but I'm challening him to produce an actual astrolable that is made to produce materially different calculations because the maker believed the earth to spin on an axis, imparting the illusion of movement to the stars, rather than the star-framework spinning the other way on that axis. Or a reference to such an astrolable, or instructions for making or using such an astrolabe.

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