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Walter Isaacson Talks Steve Jobs

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tuxbuddy Avatar
Posted: 02.22.12, 11:00 PM
This was quite an interesting conversation. I haven't read Walter Isaacson's book on Steve Jobs yet for want of time. I purchased this video because it will still take a few months before I will read his book. Steve was indeed a great guy. If I take the privilege of being brutally honest, I would say that Steve gave a reason for Americans to be proud of themselves. Unfortunately there aren't many companies in the U.S. who give the same feeling to Americans. Industry stalwarts like Hewlett Packard whose products were considered over engineered until a decade and half back, have now fallen so low that nothing good can be said about them. The "Made in USA" brand was never as strong a brand as "Made in Germany". But the speed at which the "Made in USA" brand has fallen is truly remarkable. Americans need to take a deep and hard look at their business model to truly make a recovery from the Financial Crisis of their own making. The ironical thing is that the knowledge to make that turnaround is all there, including in this book. What is lacking is the strength and the conviction to make it happen.
p6cwcbro Avatar
Posted: 12.31.11, 09:41 AM
I thought the part at the end tossing Franklin and Disney and Ford and Jobs into a kind of similar category was interesting. Those who either stood at or created intersections between art and science, the humanities and technology and, dare I say it, business in a transformational way. I also should add that I never really have understood the dismissive treatment Bill Gates receives. The idea that Jobs' attention or interest in "fonts" revolutionized desktop publishing is curious. No question MS brought all of that to the masses, made software profitable and scalable and sheperded the whole Wintel revolution.
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