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Truth and Consequences

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rocketdog Avatar
Posted: 01.20.12, 02:48 PM
Great panel.
jayeinhorn Avatar
Posted: 01.05.12, 10:14 AM
Transparency is the first step toward accountability, it seems to me, because the accumulation of wealth by creditors at the cost of the dignity of the individual (saddled with more credit than can be managed) can only exceed a certain level in the dark. Just as there are some chemical reactions that can only take place in the absence of light, there are financial and power transactions that can only take place "in the dark." This program contributes to transparency, and thanks for that! But there is also a moral crisis in the U.S.A. that can't be resolved by looking to a leader or legislation, as the discussants call for. Paul O'Neill's comment that Obama would have done better to face the issues head-on without regard for political fallout implies that an honest and straightforward person, determined to be effective and in full possession of the facts, could not be elected president, even if he already had been once. And this suggests that the American public prefers its dreams and illusions to reality. I'm not sure how we address THAT problem, let alone solve it, but it does need to be formulated, it seems to me, because that is the root of the problem at its most fundamental.
Rondini Avatar
Posted: 12.24.11, 12:44 AM
Thank you for such a wonderful discussion.
-Paz- Avatar
Posted: 12.18.11, 06:56 PM
Oh and no we don't need a leader, everyone needs to be their own leader
-Paz- Avatar
Posted: 12.18.11, 06:37 PM
What we actually need to do is take the power and the money away fro the banks. One way to do this might be to make it a simple process for individuals to invest in local business and local people. ie the people themselves become the money lenders