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Dan Miller: Boom or Bust?

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alpcoutinho Avatar
Posted: 04.30.12, 01:06 PM
One may consider that You are right, taking in consideration what you know. The problem is that You dont know it all. If we dont know where the evaporated water (we suspect it disapears in the Ionosphere), we dont know how water comes down (do we know about clouds really?), we dont know about the interaction of wet weather, clouds, and the "empty sky".The empty sky is "Big" and it is not empty. He is speaking on a mix of things that seem to make sense, that seem to be caused by certain parameters, but, he is missing some important points. One has to calm down, get to the mountains, listen the nature, and try to see the other " world". I say try to see around it in a better way, because Dan, as all of us, has only a capable vision for half of the day. Forests are important for the other World, and this other World maybe be now in trouble, as it has been in trouble for some time in the past (the exisiting deserts didn´t pop up because of pollution and CO2), but then these other world recovered again several times and dwindled several times again, to cause meltdown and then makeup again and again of the continental ice platforms, throughout millions of years. Ice platforms didnt dwindle and grew again just because there was an excess of CO2 or absence of CO2. Clouds have shapes, and follow some patterns year after year. In the end, although Dan has some points of interest, overall is missing the all issue like the majority of all experts of the Weather commissions, because he is missing the basics. And he cant see the basics, he cant measure it! We dont have little time left. We have a lot of time left. And in the end, it is not because CO2 that the world is going to end. In that point you are wrong. But You are not the only one. Naturally it is good to cut down on emmisions of any kind be it eletrostatic precipitators or be it with solar panels, or be it with something else, but it would be much much better to plant forests because they will atract the rain makers, Confused?. Dont be confused. Something new for you probably, did you know that new viruses and fungal sinuses of all kinds are connected to the other world? Rgds Antonio Coutinho
ChrisA Avatar
Posted: 03.15.12, 01:03 PM
Dan of my climate heroes. Thank you Dan!
arturoperez Avatar
Posted: 01.03.12, 12:34 AM
good vid