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Sexuality and the Bible: What the Texts Really Say

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Bullahshah Avatar
Posted: 06.01.12, 01:52 PM
Presentation and question answer session reveals that biblical narrations and doctrines are not only confusing but highly contradictory. The people of Books, the Jews and Christians have made mockery of their religion and God as well. In the absence of original text, how the Old and New Testament can be taken as revealed knowledge? Without true and unadulterated divine guidance, the man cannot find the philosophy of life, social economic injunctions. They are invited to consult the one and last Book "the Holy Quran" the last and final message of Abrahamic Religions. They will find the answer of every question provided they read it without preconceived notions and ideas. Its an open invitation for christian and jews.
ivantch Avatar
Posted: 05.10.12, 10:06 PM
Download link is offered BUT no downloads given.
ivantch Avatar
Posted: 05.10.12, 01:07 AM
This Program CANNOT be downloaded yet!
gbrand Avatar
Posted: 03.15.12, 06:29 AM
A signed on and signed in member like myself is supposed to be able to download this video. Yet I can't. Why? Should I rather end my membership?
gbrand Avatar
Posted: 03.15.12, 06:26 AM
Why can't I download the video? Having signed on and signed in I am supposed to be able to do so. I cannot watch it live, the video is too long and keeps stopping every few seconds.
Kaleemasum Avatar
Posted: 12.22.11, 03:08 PM
Great scholarly type information, but most of what was described as homosexual sexual behavior, or sex practices are actually, sexual acts engaged in by heterosexual couples as well. All of the sexually connected infections cut across heterosexual as well as homosexual sex affecting all folks who have sex with their partner/s. So the argument presented of God being against homosexuality is not convincing [who can really speak for God on personal issues of consenting adults and their sexual lives?]. However the argument against a lack of hospitality is most convincing as a reason for God destroying a people. Data, statistic, and scholarship can shows that our tolerace of poverty, want and inequality causes much more harm in society than acts of homosexual love or heterosexual love outside of marriage.......and this I think is a greater and is much more of a moral failure and sin against the intentions that God had for the human being and as true believers we should have for each other, as being created in god's image and likeness......and so forth......
code933k Avatar
Posted: 12.21.11, 07:05 AM
What an absurdly long post just to point out that homosexual activists are better at spreading their word than your own god. Make sure you hallucinate a much better god before bashing anyone into it. Cheers, dear Internet molester.
Presque_Vu Avatar
Posted: 12.19.11, 11:23 PM
What a lot of time and effort has been devoted here by two people who seem desperately cocerned with what other people do while naked. What a creepy preoccupation to have in your life. At least one of them thinks that societal collapse is on the way, because of what gay men decide to do with each other. How idiotic. Oh but wait; they're religious people. Now it all makes sense.
oldozsapper Avatar
Posted: 12.15.11, 06:38 AM
Why do we treat the bible as if it is the established, proven, record of scientists? It is a fairly coarse writing of a polity. It is not one established fact.
Weegiewarbler Avatar
Posted: 12.13.11, 08:29 AM
Lost the will to live...

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