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Occupy Everywhere: The Movement Against Corporate Power

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Rick Negus Avatar
Rick Negus
Posted: 01.04.12, 09:10 PM
Looking in from the outside (Canada) this program gives me hope that the American people are beginning to see the light, I support their struggle and it can only happen one person at a time, the Occupy Movement is truly uplifting. In response to bstevens, I have learned in my 66+ years that money (wealth) flows and that if it is allowed to flow there is more than enough for everyone, it is called abundance, the problem is those who see themselves as special, different than and above others and that they are entitled to more than their fair share. The interesting thing about paying your fair share of taxes, making donations, handing a street person a $5.00 bill and saying have a great day is that it all comes back, the flow continues. I actually require very little to live a full and rich life once I freed myself from the addiction of consumerism. It is when the 1% want it all for themselves, pay their workers minimum wages, pay little or no taxes that the flow becomes constricted. Eventually everyone loses. In the name of greater profits the American corporation exported all your manufacturing jobs elsewhere, in the end everyone loses. It has been interesting to watch your country since the events of 9/11, to see you giving up your cherished freedoms in the name of fighting some elusive enemy created by your government and the media, until I watch this program I had virtually given up all hope for your country, having watched this I can see the light of hope. Be well my friends
code933k Avatar
Posted: 01.01.12, 02:37 AM
@bstevens They took our jobs?
bstevens Avatar
Posted: 12.28.11, 08:34 PM
Ah my little desert flower, let me guess... your in the 44% that dont pay federal taxes...
bstevens Avatar
Posted: 12.28.11, 08:31 PM
Hey big PAZ... No thanks... I work too hard for it... and like a wise man once said "the rich dont stay rich my giving it away".
Tony Whitaker Avatar
Tony Whitaker
Posted: 12.28.11, 08:36 AM
Michael Moore is a nut bag. Of course he won an Oscar. Pretty easy when all the majority of the voters, fellow actors, are liberal anti-capitalistic Marxists. I am a Libertarian and find both Dumbocrats and Republicans have their issues. He actually blamed reagan for today's "disaster". That's as rich as Obama blaming Bush for the 2008 Great Recession. This was caused by the Democrats forcing the banks, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to lower their lending standards. I have watched every movie Michael Moore has put out and, for the most part, it is rhetoric and hyperbole! Americans are so gullible. So were the German people in the 30s. When will we get realistic and shun these idiots. This country is based on Capitalism. Please, rather than listening to Michael Moore, read the US Constitution and the Federalist Papers, which I bet Michael Moore never has. Oh, do a little background check on Michael Moore's wealth and how he uses it. he is a hypocrit Americans like most politicians today.
-Paz- Avatar
Posted: 12.16.11, 09:14 PM
lol well said. Also another 50% to charity and good causes will still leave you more than most. Just goes to show that money can't buy sense
LittleDesertFlower Avatar
Posted: 12.16.11, 09:37 AM
Thanks for the taxes.. Now please pony up some more. (Like you said, you can afford it.)
50crowley Avatar
Posted: 12.14.11, 10:58 AM
@bstevens: When OWS supporters say 1%, they are making a generalization. I don't think anyone has a problem with hard working doctors, lawyers and small business owners who contribute to society and pay their fair share of taxes. People like you are not responsible for crashing the economy and increasing wealth inequality. OWS protesters are angry because the government seems to play favorites with a very small circle of super-rich families. I'm not talking about people like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg who achieved success through hard work and a little luck, but families like the Buffetts, Waltons, Mars's, and Johnsons. These families are well established and have been working the system for decades to secure their financial status while contributing very little to society (because they are motivated purely out of self interest). Consequentially, nearly all major corporations and banks are owned by these people (literally a handful of names). That is why corporations have made so many reckless financial decisions in the past thirty years. The people at the top have nothing to lose from the business going under, but they have everything to gain from the occasional success.
bstevens Avatar
Posted: 12.06.11, 08:57 PM
Speaking as one of the 0.99%... I just have to say to all of these "occupy" lemmings... GET OVER YOURSELVES! So far this year Ive paided well over 100K in federal taxes and what I should be hearing from these fools is "THANK YOU", not "you need to pay your fair share"... only 56% of Americans pay ANY federal taxes, and you can bet its the other 44% that are too busy occupying crap. This idiocy starts with populism, hurdles towards Lenin and would end up with Pol Pot if left to its own devices...

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