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A World Awash: Debt and Its Consequences

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The Buttonwood Gathering 2011

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sirvedeus Avatar
Posted: 12.08.11, 07:31 AM
On the "Pagliuca: Politicians Care About Sound Bites, Not Economy" highlight, I don't believe that term limits will result in more far-sighted politicians. If anything, I think it will result in politicians who squeeze the juice out of their terms even harder - more porkbarrel, more dirty lobbying. Rather I think the key is to make the politician's job less appealing. Take away the pension benefits, take away the opportunity to be bought by special interest groups, and all the other glitz, and what you'll be left with is a job that you would only take to do the right thing.
naedwards Avatar
naedwards + Staff
Posted: 12.01.11, 02:09 PM
Kyle Bass's Hayman Capital November 2011 investor letter highlights: - Imminent Defaults - Global Debt Saturation - The Mirage of the IMF and EFSF (and whatever the next vehicle is called) - Pre- or Post-? - The importance of Psychology - Self Deception - The Problems Between Kaiserville and Medland Key Extract: "Since 2002, total global credit market debt has grow at more than an 11% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from $80 trillion to $200 trillion. Over the same time, global GDP has only grown at approximately a 4% CAGR."
naedwards Avatar
naedwards + Staff
Posted: 12.01.11, 12:55 PM
10 Fascinating Facts About The Fabulous Life Of Hedge Funder Kyle Bass -Kyle Bass learned to love trading by playing Risk as a child. -He has a plan for when every thing crashes — buy guns and gold. -Aside from gold bricks, he also keeps platinum bars. -Some things he collects are a little strange— like nickels. -This is less strange— Bass also has a ton of semi-automatic weapons. -Also explosives that he buys online and has Fed-Exed to his house. -Speaking of his property, he has a 41,000 square foot ranch house outside Dallas. -And how does he get around that land? With a U.S. Army Jeep! -But the jeep isn't his only vehicle. He goes to work in a tricked out Hummer. -He also spends money on his favorite cause. Wounded veterans. Recent Kyle Bass Quotes: "Japan Is A Giant Madoff-Like Ponzi Scheme That Will Blow Up Starting In The Next Few Months" "There is no savior large enough with a magical pool of capital to stave off this unfortunate conclusion to the global debt super cycle. We think hard defaults are imminent."
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