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Jonathan Franzen Talks with David Remnick

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jaranda Avatar
jaranda + Staff
Posted: 01.05.12, 03:03 PM
Facts about author Jonathan Franzen - In 2010, he was the first living American novelist to be featured on the cover of Time magazine in a decade. - Franzen has said “It’s doubtful that anyone with an internet connection at his workplace is writing good fiction.” He has also talked about taking extreme measures to disable the internet connection on his laptop. - Jonathan was very close friends with fellow author David Foster Wallace. - He has said that one of the central themes of his newest book Freedom , is “how people change as they straddle the world between their childhood and grownup lives.” - It took him seven years to write The Corrections , and nine to write Freedom . - Franzen took up bird watching after finishing The Corrections . - At a London event for the release of Freedom , a party crasher stole Franzen’s glasses off his face, and left behind a ransom note for $100,000. Following a police chase, the thief was caught, and his glasses were returned.
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