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Global New Media Strategist Sam Graham-Felsen

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Idea Festival 2011

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chandlerthomasllc Avatar
Posted: 09.25.11, 07:00 AM
Ok on PR 101; not repeating. I agree dynamics are changing because of how we perceive different mediums and what we've come to expect.The response time is very important as mentioned and True - perhaps we should be more revealing at times. Case in point now there are no stead fast rules..But Remember from a historical political perspective, Obama was going to win. People were very sick of Bush and the GOP. Constituents are finicky as the DFL found out MT 2010. Where was this SM savvy to save them then? There's plenty of evidence the better looking candidate mostly wins. Palin was a horrible choice for McCain as well. He made plenty of mistakes. I'd say these instance's probably had more of an effect on Obama winning than social media/blogging.Let's be honest this is so overblown it's ridiculous. I make money in this industry but always hesitant and looking for sound ways of doing things. Not saying this isn't interesting but people keep treating the 2008 O campaign as something that it never was. If credit should to to anyone it's Dean who did most of this stuff anyhow years prior.
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