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Suketu Bhavsar: Many Worlds

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Idea Festival 2011

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socratus Avatar
Posted: 11.18.11, 06:39 AM
The Double Universe. =. The Universe as whole is Two - Measured World. Why ? Because : ‘ Somehow, the energy is extracted from the vacuum and turned into particles...Don't try it in your basement, but you can do it.’ / -- University of Chicago cosmologist Rocky Kolb / ' Somehow' from ' Somewhere' From ' Somewhere' , ' Somehow' to the Visual World. We have Double Universe. =. a) If you want you can call one Reference Frame as Schwarzschild radius ( a radius where the escape velocity would be so high, that not even light could escape – Black Hole) And another Reference Frame is outside of Schwarzschild radius. P.S. Physicists say the event horizon of a black hole is boundary between two worlds. / Book: Stephen Hawking. Page 116. By Michael White and John Gribbin. / b) If you want you can call one Reference Frame as ‘Dirac sea’. And another Reference Frame is outside of ‘Dirac sea’ P.S. Although we are used to thinking of empty space as containing nothing at all, and therefore having zero energy, the quantum rules say that there is some uncertainty about this. Perhaps each tiny bit of the vacuum actually contains rather a lot of energy. If the vacuum contained enough energy, it could convert this into particles, in line with E-Mc^2. / Book: Stephen Hawking. Pages 147-148. By Michael White and John Gribbin. / c) If you want you can call one Reference Frame as ‘ Kirchhoff black body’ And another Reference Frame is outside of ‘ Kirchhoff black body’. P.S. / Max Laue called ‘ Kirchhoff black body’ as ‘ Kirchhoff vacuum’ / d) Herman Minkowski said about ( -4D ) spacetime continuum: “ Henceforth, space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality.” It means that the Universe as whole is Two - Measured World. One world is Minkowski union of spacetime continuum. Another world is shadow of it because the time and space are different conceptions. e) Another example of ‘ The Double Universe ‘: wormhole : Einstein-Rosen Bridge ( EP). =. To understand the Existence we must think about the Double Universe, where one Reference Frame is the Matter World and another Reference Frame is the Vacuum World. But today physicists know the Matter world and refuse to think about the Vacuum world. =====. Best wishes. Israel Sadovnik Socratus =====================.
sirvedeus Avatar
Posted: 10.01.11, 11:58 AM
there could be =/= there are there has to be for my theory to work =/= there are
valjakka Avatar
Posted: 09.23.11, 11:44 PM
This is a common trap: in infinite universe, there are copies of us, but only if our familiar physical environment is present everywhere. This is highly unlikely - there should be a cause or mechanism that would make that happen. Or as philosophers say, if reality is infinite, it (most likely) won't apper as a unity.
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