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Parag Khanna: How to Run the World

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Idea Festival 2011

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danaly Avatar
Posted: 01.07.12, 08:43 AM
Bold opinion espoused by Khanna to assassinate people.
Charles Frith Avatar
Charles Frith
Posted: 09.30.11, 11:12 PM
Parag Khanna is my enemy.
-Paz- Avatar
Posted: 09.28.11, 09:12 AM
In all seriousness, if the American way is correct (i.e murder is good) then everyone in Europe should join forces with extremeists and try to blow up the entire US of A. We all hate America do we not?
Khannea Avatar
Posted: 09.28.11, 06:44 AM
If the US where anything approximating a just state, by anything approximating a sane yardstick, this would make sense. The US is not fair - it is a lying bunch of backstabbing corporate thieves and hypocrites. You trained murderers and torturers. I don't trust the US to kill a Khadaffi; next year the US will just as happily massacre some schoolgirls or buddists over political expediency. Yes the US will declare anyone their enemies and yes they will kill them any way they can. The problem is if you declare might makes right and sidestep transparency, accountability, the law, then the other side can do whatever it pleases too. That the US is 'extremely powerful' right now doesn't make much of a difference, Wikileaks wasn't that powerful and it had an solid impact too. The arrogant attitude of the US seduces those left desperate in to giving up on morality and embracing nihilism - and before long it's all terrorism. And you'll deserve all you'll get. No... frankly I am disgusted and I am ashamed I have a name vaguely resembling the name of this hideous neoconservative *man*. Bah bah bah.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 09.23.11, 03:54 PM
Guy says yes kill so if some drone comes into usa airspace and bombs bush`s farm or cheney`s house! What then is that ok??
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