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Tim Ferriss: Accelerated Learning in Accelerated Times

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onizero Avatar
Posted: 02.08.12, 01:51 PM
I couldn't disagree with Andrew more, but i think our disagreement stems more from the Pinker/Gladwell argument where i take the position that "talent" is a myth propagated by our tendency to hero worship, and has no real effect on our development. either way if we were to be honest, there needs to be a basic standardized development to provide all members of our society a Base level of development. Ferriss isn't trying to speak to that. Ferriss provides us a method for personal development. that's hugely different than educational development which must be done on mass. The way I understand DEconstruction, an important element is to take into consideration the subject. Customizing the rest of the project to that individual subject's properties. The method is absolutely brilliant if the subject "wants" to develop in that area but you cannot compare that to educational systems. by the way, Thank you Mr. Ferriss for the excellent lecture.
Andrew Atkin Avatar
Andrew Atkin
Posted: 01.04.12, 02:21 PM
All of us have a unique developmental history, which leads to different long-range strengths and abilities - at least to some degree. Where we learn to do something that requires our particular developmental history, we may find ourselves saying "What I do best I do better than anyone", and maybe accurately so. Those areas are what we call 'talent'. But schooling works by standardizing (and reducing, actually) people's development, and ensuring that no-one develops a substantially unique mind with unusual ability. Our development instead becomes about scoring points on tests, in the name of "acceleration", and which can likewise suppress a deeper level of development that would otherwise have occurred behind the scenes. You can't accelerate development without making developmental compromises. You can only streamline it to a more narrow developmental objective. And we do this more than ever, with schooling, and the result is a strange lack of "distinct" talent in our world. This is what happens when you let other people define (and control) what your development should be.
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