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Geoffrey B. West: Why Cities Keep on Growing

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The Long Now Foundation

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 03.21.14, 09:56 AM
Kurzweil get to pick up the pieces after Humanity destroys most of us, there will be a lot of pieces to play with. UNTIL then USA rules with WAR ECONOMY bases in over 150 countries makes sure all votes in UN go their WAY or the HIGH WAY of bombs. Future people RUNNING from DRONES world wide. Jolly stick is a corporate profit maker. Your worth more dead than Alive, Death is equality to military, whole world is military NOW.
unc0nnected Avatar
Posted: 09.29.11, 01:32 PM
I love this guys pronunciation of so many words.. In the words of Mike Myers, it looks like he put the wrong emPHASis on the wrong sylLABle Haha, and says it the way it is by stating the Vatican is the oldest surviving company. Amen brother
kentle Avatar
Posted: 08.17.11, 08:49 AM
The "essential exponential" springs to mind.
mvanderford Avatar
Posted: 08.12.11, 01:28 PM
Log-transformation of data obscures the variability in any dataset - the analysis method generates 'extraordinary simplicity' - not the other way around. It is a simplifying assumption - like assuming a spherical cow. Also, at 32.42 minutes, the R2 of the linear regressions (0.39, 0.66, 0.84)are not convincingly significant. This type of 'rule of thumb' analysis can be particularly dangerous as the details of any system are significant. Simplifying assumptions are the genesis of ideological thinking - as when women and children are assumed to be 'little men' when it comes to pharmaceutical and medical treatments. Or 'average' income in America is rising - but not the median. The long-now is increasingly an old-white-man mutual admiration society, cherry-picking data to support the ideology that San Francisco is the coolest place ever and its inhabitants, smarter, more moral and more deserving than the rest of the world. Sadly, we will need better to fight the fascists.
Fora2 Avatar
Posted: 08.10.11, 03:03 PM
JEEZ, I sure hope everyone thanks House Speaker John Boehner and TEA PARTY Republicans for the 15% DROP in the stock market the last 3 weeks. It COST American pensions & investors ONLY $2 TRILLION+ dollars! President.Obama offered Boehner a $4 Trillion deficit reduction bill July 8, and Boehner "Walked Out!" If Boehner & the WACKO Tea Party Republicans had only accepted Obama's $4 Trillion debt RE-DUCTION offer July 9, the Stock Market would now probably be UP +10%, instead of DOWN -15%. The Republican/TEA PARTY Hole is getting deeper. BUSH MADE the HOLE we're in. With BUSH our Economy went down 8.9%. Tax revenues to the Fed, States & local governments went DOWN 30%! Bush LOST 7 Million jobs. Obama has helped create 2 Million jobs the last 2 years but we're still DOWN 5 Million jobs lost by BUSH! The TEA PARTY/Republican WACKOS were just blocking the FAA which cost America 74,000 jobs & $250 Million per WEEK? Republican/Tea Party WACKOs are crippling America to defeat Obama.
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