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Foursquare Co-Founder Dennis Crowley in Conversation

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messiah Avatar
Posted: 08.05.11, 12:14 AM
You know. All this 4SQUARE Stuff is based on the customer telling you the truth. Do you really think my name, my age or even sex, or even the city I live in is accurate?? No. Its not. Whats the incentive for me telling you ANYTHING about myself??? Not even my name is accurate. ps ANd yes. I do have multiple aliases on 4SQ. Why? Because. There is no incentive for me to tell ya. WHERE AM I GOING WITH THIS? What in the world is the value of your service? I'm not sure if I want to be stalked by my ex's or Jo / Joanne down the road. I dont know man. All this info is smoke and mirrors.
messiah Avatar
Posted: 08.04.11, 11:55 PM
ME? 1st Message?? Coooool.

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