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Carl Zimmer: A Planet of Viruses

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gigio wifi Avatar
gigio wifi
Posted: 08.17.11, 09:22 PM
Thanks for your excellent project and information. This material is very rare to be found. Thanks, Luis Wintergerst
page1 Avatar
Posted: 06.26.11, 09:32 AM
The double-edged sword of persistent pervasive viruses explains the need for making this symbiont-cum-predator not just something to behold. We have no choice; live with these prolific life forms which 'hang out' and 'pop out' just to 'kill half the bacteria in the ocean every day'(?) not to mention, us . This brief and entertaining epidemiological overview of these candidates for the role of Quote: ...the meek shall inherit the Earth shouldn't incite any more fear than they already do. We cannot eradicate them. If we ever could, we had better not try. So what's left? More presentations like this?
Terrence Reed Avatar
Terrence Reed
Posted: 06.20.11, 10:07 PM
Interesting, but it makes sense that if viruses have been around for so long that they would have a profound effect on human development, as it turns out we wouldn't even be here without them.
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