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Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe Chats with Makers at Maker Faire

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Kevin Groce Avatar
Kevin Groce
Posted: 05.27.11, 10:15 PM
This is also for the FORA management team. I thank you for posting this ! I not sure what the other guy is talking about but I am so glad to see the talks up. I did not get to go and I love to see what has been said. Again thanks for posting this for the folks who did not get to see it any place else!! It has nothing to do with funny and it has everything to do with the Maker Community. This is something that not very many sites outside of a small few do. Again, thank you for supporting us, making this site for everyone, and keep up the great work!
morrison33 Avatar
Posted: 05.27.11, 07:12 PM
This message is for FORA management team. Please don't load this site with this kind of stuff as you show here. I have been member with you guys since the beginning and I have recommended you to my friends. But if you show stuff like this, I will be ashamed to recommend you again. Please keep the quality don't need to do funny, there are plenty who do that.