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WikiLeaks: The Fallout

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 04.28.11, 09:24 PM
THANK YOU FORA TV Excellent It seems people are afraid to ask Julian Questions of Value, HUMANITARIAN issue doesn´t even come up in the questions only crappy security bull but poor Julian swimming with the Sharks, NYTimes is real garbage He is so defensive He looks stuck on Stupid. YES TAXPAYER money going top military and Police secrets, Julian seems so much more intelligent and more informed. Transparent Gov´t is a Just Gov´t. So everything should be out in the public light. Communism starts with secret police, Hitler started with secret police homeland security is your gestapo. HA HA USA IS IN FOR A ROUGH RIDE thanks JULIAN ASSANGE FORATV and myself for putting up with this twice.
john jan Avatar
john jan
Posted: 04.28.11, 11:53 AM
Manning could commit the suicide, or die from heart attack.