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92Y: Paul Krugman

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92Y: Paul Krugman

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Michael Cousisn Avatar
Michael Cousisn
Posted: 06.19.11, 04:20 PM
Did I just pay $5 to watch an ad? Up yours fora.tv!
Am-Expat Avatar
Posted: 06.09.11, 12:03 AM
Every time I read posts by Americans disparaging Europe, I immediately assume they are among the 80%+ who do not even have a passport in the country. IF they knew anything about Europe or Scandinavia, they would see a higher quality of life for all their citizens, with higher levels of education, health, longevity, lower crime, etc. The only classes of citizen which have it better off in the US are the ultra wealthy and "citizen" corporations, both of whom dominate every public policy of the country.
Am-Expat Avatar
Posted: 06.08.11, 11:55 PM
If you read his other comments you can see what a strange view of history he has.......must be Beck's fake posting account name.
Altamendi Avatar
Posted: 04.16.11, 05:44 AM
Hi, greetings from Europe: Let me please tell you something about the "old continent", we have free medical services, free education, social programs to fight against the poverty..in fact, you should say that Europe is socialist.But that`s not true, capitalism is running high. From the 80 untill today the european states are following the economical line drawed in EEUU: cutting taxes to the rich people and corporations, destroying goverment regulations and lossing control over the economy..this is not just words or my opinion.. is based on facts and evidences. If we, the people, dont wake up, our future will be very complicated.Thank you and good luck
Bob Hamilton Avatar
Bob Hamilton
Posted: 04.07.11, 04:53 AM
How can you say we "never had socialism". The bailed out banks, GM, Chrysler, others were all happy to participate in socialism.
Vinay70 Avatar
Posted: 04.06.11, 05:38 PM
And the master stroke: Global Financial Crises is the wonderful GIFT to rest of world from Greedy Capitalist America. Hats-Off Paul Krugman, you can't teach your fellow citizens.
brux Avatar
Posted: 04.06.11, 10:39 AM
Maybe I have a terrible imagination but I cannot fathom why anyone would pay $5 to be able to listen to more of this garbage? It's bad enough that this is the level of discussion framed in our country. Our political infrastructure should be free, and back and forth, and contain a lot more views than the same old people from Time, NY Times and other newspapers and magazines.
brux Avatar
Posted: 04.06.11, 10:36 AM
We never had socialism ... why was Franklin Roosevelt the most loved and re-elected President ever in the US history. Jeff Greenfield is one of the usual talking heads who apparently gets paid just to say things like this. Cutting spending and taxes just makes any opposition to this corporate state more difficult, and over time if it can continue it will be institutionatlized to the detriment of the United States of America which does not exist anymore.
atlantiscats Avatar
Posted: 04.06.11, 10:20 AM
Never say never.
Pan American School Avatar
Pan American School
Posted: 04.06.11, 08:01 AM
I don't understand how Mr. Jefferson is comparing Krugman's politics to Nazi Germany, The British Empire, and The Soviet Union. It seems to me he is making vast generalizations. If anyone seems to have a childlike understanding of history, in my view, it is him.
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