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Making the Future Happen: SpaceX Founder Elon Musk

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The Ideas Economy: Innovation 2011

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WilliamRobson Avatar
Posted: 10.29.11, 11:50 AM
Why should we become multi-planetary: To gain complete control in the survival of the human race and all of our accumulated knowledge. We don't just need to become multi-planetary we need to become multi-solar system. Currently the human race is living on a giant rock which is on a set course around the sun. First we must become self-sustainable here and then we can seek to colonize abroad.
Eric25001 Avatar
Posted: 05.13.11, 12:44 AM
Alpha Centauri I like the idea of sending robot ships to the 3 stars and building human planet like structures with the Earth microbes, plants, etcetra and then sending the human spacer life as a follow on. Maybe 12 artificial worlds could be built. At half the speed of light it will take some time for us to spread out over our Galaxy let alone the 200 or so billion galaxy's we know.
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