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fredkharrison Avatar
Posted: 04.21.11, 11:11 AM
Here we have but another underwhelming interview, more accurately a weak sales promo for carbon credits. This kind of ad hominem ad nauseum drivel diminishes F.O.R.A.'s reputation.
Tommy Jefferson Avatar
Tommy Jefferson
Posted: 04.20.11, 07:18 AM
I agree Andrew, a low-level useful idiot like Healy Hamilton is merely regurgitating the doctrines of the dogma as required to earn her $235,000 per year salary . She doesn't really know any better. Mark Hertsgaard on the other hand knows better. He works for Katrina vanden Heuvel who helps the International Monetary Fund ensure that taxpayers in poor nations remain in perpetual debt to the various banking cartels which run the IMF.
Andrew Atkin Avatar
Andrew Atkin
Posted: 04.20.11, 05:46 AM
This is an invitation to join the world of the wise. A form of ego-manipulation propaganda. You have my permission to throw up. Anyway; the funny thing about the guys who reckon that climate change deniers are paid off by the oil companies is in their denial of resource power. If multi, multi billion dollar oil interests wanted to kill the problematic AGW idea then they would. With their kind of money-power they can eventually have us believe pretty much anything they want. So the funding for "climate change deniers" is conspicuous by its absence, is it not? BTW: The woman on the right believes her own propaganda. The man on the left does not - he is calculating his every word/composure and has a distinct lack of any authentic sponteanous expression.
Eric25001 Avatar
Posted: 04.15.11, 02:56 AM
Ad Hominem attacks make a great emotional reinforcement for fellow true believers. For those of us who are more and more skeptical=== Not so much! 8/10 of 1 degree C in 200 years does not support the SKY IS FALLING! The inability to explain such things as mid evil warming, little ice age, Roman warming, and the periods of CO2 increase that had temperature drops. 1940-1970 and 1990 to 2010 saw up then down temperatures for net zero change! BAD SCIENCE! True Believers! = would be Richard Tubers aka dick taters! What will it take? If by 2020 or 2010 or 2040 the sky is not falling? Temperatures + or - 1/10 or 2/10 of a degree from the 1975 to 2010 average! Your AGW true belief does not make it so! History is full of the sky is falling fear mongers! Watch the FORA TV Can the Earth feed a Population of 9 Billion? Just what year or years was the temperature and sea level perfect? Please tell us? Before 1820? The end of the last ice age? The middle of an ice age? What is too hot? What is too cold? What is too high of a sea level and what is too low of a sea level? ticker