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92Y: Robert Rubin in Conversation with Sebastian Mallaby

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92Y: Business and Finance

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Fora2 Avatar
Posted: 07.08.11, 09:22 AM
Robert Rubin should be in jail. When he was Sec. of Treasury, Rubin with Greenspan & Summers DEREGULATED the Financial industry that caused our financial meltdown. Then he went to Citigroup causing many $Billions in losses and scammed $200 million. Read "Griftopia" by Matt Taibbi. (I love his chapters on Greenspan, "The Biggest Asshole in the Universe." and Goldman Sachs - the last) Also watch PBS Frontline, "The Warning" and films like the Oscar winning "Inside Job" to see all the same info. well-documented.
CulturalEngineer Avatar
Posted: 07.01.11, 05:54 PM
His advice amounts to: Continue and expand the current disastrous paradigm which has certainly served him very well. This system of credit creation and financial innovation is akin to a faith in alchemy and perpetual motion machines. It ain't gonna work! Decision Technologies: Currencies and the Social Contract Re-Igniting the Enlightenment: On Building Landscapes for Decision And a necessary financial tool for a healthier political culture: Leveling The Transaction Landscape: Technology and the Campfire Now seeking support for project via AngelList at Will be attending Douglas Rushkof's Contact Summit in NYC in October also seeking alliances and assistance.
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