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The Fourth Estate in a Digital Democracy

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phiscal Avatar
Posted: 01.20.12, 10:08 AM
Fascinating, very revealing. The moderator squarely pointed out that trust in the press is falling hard. Most of the panelists (not all)made excuses: One implied people don't know what the press is, and therefore the blame is misplaced. One said that distrust indicates engagement with the journalism (and poor performance by the media), Another says trust in all institutions is declining, so why are we different, Still another made the arrogant interpretation that people are unhappy with the press when the reporting is best, therefore the public's opinion is not to be taken seriously. John Avlon backed up that point saying people don't even trust CSPAN, implying that therefore people's mistrust is misplaced. Another says the celebrity coverage taints serious journalism. For the most part the journalists swerved hard to dodge the obvious issue. The answer (which the moderator pointed out at the beginning) is pervasive media bias - overreporting stories that reinforce the journalists preconceptions, and underreporting or negatively reporting stories that undermine the press' almost monochromatic viewpoint. Jeff hit the nail on the head, the public is "...not people who dress in suits and come to roundtables like this. It ain't us. The public is not us. The public is somebody we don't know." And more to the point; "It is media's role not to lead the conversation but to reflect that conversation." My applause goes to Jeff. And Greta - she took some abuse from other panel members, presumably because they disapprove of her station's intellectual diversity.
4TimesAYear Avatar
Posted: 03.09.11, 12:45 PM
Sorry Gretta, the Charlie Sheen thing is a turn off - this kind of thing makes me "tune out". It's one of the reasons I gave up cable and sat. Give me real news, not drivel. And if I were an advertiser, I would be pretty disgusted with the drivel my money was paying for.
Lyle Ridings Avatar
Lyle Ridings
Posted: 03.09.11, 08:56 AM
Digital Democracy? Then what is Faux News Greta doing there? Come on...
Dahlia Avatar
Posted: 03.06.11, 02:13 AM
trying to get in on the Charlie Sheen thing eh?, don't bother! it seems so unlikely that you'll ever get anyone hipper than we are spending much time on this site and really we aren't very hip at all in the scheme of things so don't bother! p.s. congratulations on being the latest, though not the first, people to cruelly misrepresent his recent comments and make frivolous assumptions about his lifestyle and state of mind--out of fear and jealousy and frustratedness, certis. in other respects this was as always an interesting programme. why not promote it with some more substantial clip? for example the bit where a woman was eating her lunch, we certainly wondered what it was for about two seconds...serious philosophy, you see. not froth. best wishes

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