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Monitor Breakfast: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

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heybd Avatar
Posted: 03.03.11, 10:29 AM
In a way, I hope he does run for president again. Then he can remind America how he believes the earth is only 6,000 years old, that gay couples' families are inherently dysfunctional, that evolution is not real, that President Obama was raised in Kenya and hates America, and basically prove that behind his "aw, shucks" persona lies a true fundamentalist. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but his grasp on reality seems tenuous at best. In response to Huckabee's appearance on some Fox News show the other day, Dan Savage asked this: "How does denying marriage rights to the same-sex couple down the street make the single mother up the street any more likely to marry the father of her children? How does discriminating against gay people make straight people more responsible? How does that work?" I would hope the Governor has an answer to that, but I have my doubts.
ronaldevans Avatar
Posted: 03.02.11, 04:47 PM
People marry for emotional reasons, not economic ones. The Bible inspired me to be gay. As a very young child I flicked through the Bible and I came upon two stories: the story of David and Saul, two men who were "married in spirit", and the story of Jesus and John, also two men who were "married in spirit". I've always believed the Bible affirms same-sex relationships between men.
slahteine Avatar
Posted: 03.02.11, 03:25 PM
He may not be a man of much depth, but Huckabee knows the US was founded on the principle of protecting minority groups and emerging traditions from the oppression of the masses. Therefore he is being utterly disingenuous.
Luis Escobar Avatar
Luis Escobar
Posted: 03.02.11, 11:23 AM
It doesn't matter whether or not the voters decide they do not want to allow homosexuals to marry. Had we gone with popular opinion in the past we would not have had desegregation nor would we have allowed interracial marriages to be legal. These 33 ballot initiatives are unconstitutional because they limit the rights of a certain group of citizens; a right that another portion of the citizenry is granted. I'd also like to point out that the Mormon Church in Utah had a disconcerting amount of influence in the passing of prop 8 in California, as well as other, similar ballot measures.
uwejansch Avatar
Posted: 02.25.11, 06:59 AM
Mr. Huckabee this is your opinion, your right to think that way. Other people may have another view and that is their right. Nobody has the right to prescribe to someone else in a free society. Well done Obama!
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