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Mary Catherine Bateson: Live Longer, Think Longer

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 03.18.11, 04:28 PM
Sorry corporate dictatorship puts floride in the water, chem-trails pollution nuclear contamination Bio-engineered food, everything away from Nature, these young on fast food and fast life, now we are losing that longevity. Japan has the oldest people but a suicide every 15 minutes. They retire people over 50, to give the youth the jobs. The view is different when the days ahead ARE FEWER THAN THE DAYS BEHIND, MEMORIES ACCUMULATE, health becomes important, we all learn to compare. "A BUSY MAN WELCOMES DEATH" B.Franklin. WHEN YOU HAVE A PURPOSE your mind reaches past your biology, Like those who lived over 80 when life span was 47. Adams Franklin Thomas etc. Fear of death is more of a western problem. But that fear drives most lives.WARS, DISEASES,Nuclear disasters, make life shorter. Respecting elders is the glue to keep society woven together, technology, speed of life, poor food choices all destroy the respect between ages. NO BRAIN FOOD! EASY TO DIE HARD TO LIVE! thinking the planet like a child well child abuse, is on the rise, more children medicated or in prison environment. When the pain to stay the same is greater than the pain to change, then we change, we learn through pain, learn to love pain then we learn to love to kill, and deny the pain! Two self centered adults only most places the female is still a slave, just the children also slaves. Adults do not learn from kids they abuse them instead recently 70,000 people pedophile, 238 children rescued. She only speaks of the western world Like USA Can. Australia. England Europe etc.Most of the world has not the luxury, too busy trying to survive. VERY LIMITED THINKING. Also the new young people resent to look after elderly, most youth can not take care of themselves. Nursing homes, retirement buildings, take the elderly out of the picture. To accomplish anything good usually took more than one generation, but the increased information age, one generation is longer, changes more rapid, no time to get ready.I will die working, that is my choice! A conscious life brings a conscious death! Soon they become One! WHEN YOU SPEND TIME WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE DYING, YOU LEARN MUCH ABOUT YOURSELF. And this observational learning makes your own death easier takes the sting out dying. Culture some cultures have thousands of years of History, USA 300 years old so death is scary,however, older cultures are more equipped to handle death. Screen culture TV changes your ideas of death, movies living in a fantasy world where suicide is an option, technology leaves culture behind, so principles morality ethics all this means little. Enough from me! thank you ForaTV.
Eric25001 Avatar
Posted: 03.06.11, 06:09 AM
What can we do now to increase the quality and quantity of our lifespans? While many things are in the pipe line what can we do today to increase the odds in our favor or tomorrow? Besides the usual suspects of smoking, driking, exercise/activity, and weight new evidence indicates that protein restriction or protein cycling might offer 10,20,30, or maybe 40 or more healthy active years to the human life. Stay tuned to the research in this area. Calories Do Not Explain Extension of Life Span by Dietary Restriction in Drosophila Experimental evidence reveals that specific nutritional components, rather than reducing calorie intake per se, are responsible for extending lifespan via dietary restriction in Drosophila melanogaster. Protein Cycling DietA Defence Against the Diseases of Aging This book presents how inducing autophagy by diet manipulation may delay or prevent the neurodegenerative diseases of aging and unlucky genetics.
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