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Donald Rumsfeld: Known and Unknown

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saloon singer Avatar
saloon singer
Posted: 11.16.11, 07:24 PM
Agreed. Bush did what most Democrats would have done, including Gore and Hilary. Obama wasn't there for the vote but in '04 he told the Trib that he supported what Bush was doing. Some of these people here forgot or never knew about the Cold War which lead to Saddam being installed in the first place. Let's see them defend his treatment of his own people and neighbors and deny his quest for weapons of mass destruction-chemical,biological, artillery rifles, North Korean rocket launchers, German tech atom smashers. He was way passed his sale date and should have been thrown out when he gassed the Kurds as Elie Wiesel and myself believed but he was carrying out a war against Iran by 1980.
Kelly C Hitchcock Avatar
Kelly C Hitchcock
Posted: 03.04.11, 09:04 PM
Rumsfeld is a patriot. In 50 years, George W. Bush's face will appear on Iraqi currency.
nikonwilly Avatar
Posted: 02.24.11, 08:03 AM
The whole history of this dangerous, dishonest man is fraught with criminal activity. His history prior to Government activity is down right disgusting. He has used his connections to further his gain meanwhile killing untold millions. He shall go down in History as one of the most despicable beings ever...I dare not use the word "Human"...Those of his ilk are not fit for life.
lejones11 Avatar
Posted: 02.23.11, 10:56 AM
The first thing Rumsfield said, "When a conflict occurs....". It did not occur, it was engineered by the lies that he and the other neocons pushed and acquiesced to by a weak and ineffectual President Bush. I cannot even look at him. lejones Woodstock, IL
Blaxparx Avatar
Posted: 02.23.11, 10:39 AM
This guy only knows unknown unknowns and that's about it. Nothing of any substance. He supports American Imperialism. What makes him think we have the right to insert our military and take over other countries for the benefit of our international corporations?
sang-prabu Avatar
Posted: 02.23.11, 06:02 AM
DID I Miss Something is this recording made by FORA??? It really dull, not critical get a better interviewer please
Lubo Avatar
Posted: 02.23.11, 05:51 AM
there is nothing great about this meeting and that being rumsfeld!Together with the bandits bush,blear,sharon and all that neomaffia should be judged and put into jail for their crimes against humanity
Fora2 Avatar
Posted: 02.22.11, 04:37 PM
I'm sorry, but Rumsfeld is one of the most pathetic excuses for a human being I know of. His new book is full of lies trying to rewrite history. Only 4 hours after the 9/11 attack Rumsfeld said he wanted to "hit Saddam Hussein at the same time." If interested watch Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell's Chief of Staff, speak about what happened in the Bush White House after 9/11 -- & Rumsfeld's convenient lapses in memory. "Rumsfeld's 9/11 & Iraq lies try to rewrite history" Rumsfeld, Cheney & Bush, et al, caused over 4,000 American deaths and 30,000 wounded - also the deaths of 200-400,000 Iraqis and permanent dislocation of 3-4 million Iraqis who are now refugees, mostly in Syria & Jordan. For what? To punish Saddam and get control of Iraqi oil. Who benefited? Halliburton, arms makers, Al Queda (who grew 10X after the invasion), and Iran whose Shiite friends now control most of Iraq. Duhh??? Criminal