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Wendy Kopp and Malcolm Gladwell Talk Education Reform

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Eric25001 Avatar
Posted: 02.15.11, 01:54 AM
In a perfect world? Why have school? Why not learn at home? Robo teach? Start before birth? Gene enhanced? Read Write Math Think Narrow minded thinking? IQ matters!
Plato.179 Avatar
Posted: 02.11.11, 09:48 PM
I support her attempts at inner-city education programing and generally support her philosophy. However, teachers can be helped to achieve their classroom goals (if caught before they become frustrated) and so can students (before they are so frustrated they will no longer try - and drop out). Sorry for the awkward sentence. The movement that they are talking about sounds suspiciously like a business model- I have always been suspicious of this model. It leads to a that are open to corporate mind-set, the bottom line. Some portion of humanity seems to always get lost. Which, in my opinion, leads to the same situation (cultural attitudes) we have now, ultra success at one end and extreme "failure" at the other. My philosophy is to find the appropriate place in society for all willing and desirous of a place. We must learn to be tolerant of each other and patient