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Scott Galloway: Trends and Impact of Digital Competence

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florciampoli Avatar
Posted: 02.22.11, 01:24 PM
Great talk Scott, very informative.
CulturalEngineer Avatar
Posted: 02.16.11, 07:40 AM
Informative talk! Peer-to-Peer is here to stay (as it's always been)... But there remain critical elements of that interaction yet to be properly addressed by this new landscape: Finding Roots in a Shifting Landscape: Facebook and the Future of Social Networks Inquiries welcome
bbethany7 Avatar
Posted: 02.16.11, 05:18 AM
I have dozens of Face Book "friends" who logged on once or twice, then never were heard from again. The numbers might be skewed if you include this silent minority.
headpond Avatar
Posted: 02.11.11, 07:53 AM
Time well spent. Really great talk if you want to get a handle on social media uses, value and future. Sparky, interesting, stimulating. Thanks Fora, thanks Scott Galloway. My only question would be :Facebook, with 10 percent of all time spent on the internet, valued at 50 billion and growing, worth more than Time Warner, Boeing etc etc, how come with such a value facebook can't employ talent or creativity on a par with those companies? Compared to those companies how difficult is it to create decent page designers and coding? Not all are Steve Jobs when it comes to design and function. With such a valuation, why shouldn't users expect the platform to be far more ambitious and provide far more useful settings for the user. The advantage of being first out of the blocks does not mean they have a clear idea of where they want to go. Expecting facebook to become the main platform for the web is quite worrying because it has shown some very poor decisions recently in changes to the platform.

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