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Abbas Milani: The Last Shah of Iran

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Baldrickovsky Avatar
Posted: 06.01.11, 06:58 PM
Darveesh, I think the main point of the book wasn't about the Jews in Iran, it's about a king and a dictator with a sense of development. This does not make him a saint but far less dangerous than the pseudo-spiritual leaders of today. As for the Muslims in Iran, Iranians did not, as the mullahs put it, openly accepted a foreign religion. There were heavy taxed and punished (killed). Some indeed openly accepted it, but I doubt they were the majority!!!! You may want to read more about the history of your country. Being Iranian does not make you an expert. A lot of the knowledge and history of Iran was revealed by foreign scientists, historians and linguists. People with the sole agenda of learning the facts about the past. You and I should also follow their footsteps and open our minds. This would surly lead to friendlier and more interesting blogging Cheers.
Darveesh Avatar
Posted: 04.09.11, 04:00 PM
Respond to Denboi: In response to your BLISTERING and personal attack on me, I need to explain a couple of points. Maybe, you are able to understand, but I would NOT bet on it. Unlike you, I am an Iranian and if we Iranians know anything it is our history. It is HUBRIS for you to think that you can teach me about my culture and history. AS an Iranian who has spent his whole life fighting against the oppressive and dictatorial regime of the Shah and its supporters( U.S./ Israel); I believe I have every right to take issue with some of the things that DR. Abbas Milani is saying. For your information, we Iranians are one of the most patriotic people on earth; and we do not need a foreigner such as you to remind us of the Arab invasion of our country. We are also well aware of the U.S. Imperialist and Zionist Israel protocol of “ Divide and Conquer “. Moreover, regardless of how Islam was brought to Persia, the religion was adopted and accepted by the Persians after the invaders were forced to leave. Today Iranians are proud to be Shias Muslims; and Iran is to Shiaism what Vatican is to Catholicism. WE ARE THE MECCA OF WORLD SHIAS; and after 1400 years, Islam is in our blood. It is understandable for foreigners to insult our religion and to call it “an Arab Scheme “. Perhaps you people prefer to see all Iranians Christians or Jewish, well that’s your problem. Let me correct you on something else; contrary to your statement, Mongols were NOT MUSLIMS prior to their invasion of Iran ( and other Muslim countries), they adopted the Superior Culture of Iran along with the Muslim religion. PERSIA is the first CRADLE of CIVILIZATION and with the help of God we will defeat our enemies and will be great again
denboi Avatar
Posted: 03.09.11, 10:33 PM
Obviously apposed to the COLONIAL Arab Scheme against your nation of Iran called Islam..haha. Man You seriously need to get yourself checked by your local doctor for a severe case of Myopia...and you have to admit...culturally and probably genetically, Zoroastrains would be more REAL Iranian than Iranian Muslims...philosopically and cosmologically they have a pure indigenous iranian perspective and understanding of the world,still speak a version of Parsi that is more closer to the persion of the sassanian era than Farsi....and only use iranian names rather than arab or turkish. Modern Day Iranian Muslims are a Multicultural Mixed ethnic group refelecting conquest and migration of various muslim peoples (arab/turkish/mongol) onto the iranian plateau and their merging with Iranians descendant of those from the pre islamic era.
Darveesh Avatar
Posted: 03.03.11, 02:53 PM
RESPOND to MIHAITA: you call me "an agent of Islamic terror regime"!! slandering people is a tactic that was used by SAVAK and still used by MOSSAD/CIA. The real TERRORIST regime of today is Israel Zionist regime. 180 nations agrees with that. As for "Bahai religion" We real Iranians do not recognize a COLONIAL British Scheme against our Nation as a religion. Otherwise,ALL other religions are respected in Iran.
Posted: 02.18.11, 09:02 AM
your view is completely distorted and twisted, well i am not surprised at all. Also i am wondering why you left out the Bahai religion? conveniently or otherwise? You are an agent of the current islamist terror regime.
Darveesh Avatar
Posted: 02.14.11, 12:46 AM
Dr.Abbas Milani,is one of one of those "radicals" of 60s who sold out when is in his 60s. I would not cry reading "about poor shah final days"; I would cry about hundreds of thousands of the best Iranians citizen whom he sent to their deaths. One more point,Milani said, Iranian Jews are more Iranian than Muslims!? First of all, Iranian is a nationality NOT RELIGION; and Iranians could be Zoroastrian,Christian,Jew,or Muslim . SO why should a Jew be more Iranian than a Muslim? Those Iranians who became Muslim after the Arab invasion,where Iranians before and after wards.ONLY a ZIONIST claims that their religion is their nationality. Ironically, the ONLY other time I heard this claim was from an Israeli Zionist Jew who works for Netanyahu trying to claim Iran as their "territory" . GOOD LUCK ON THAT.

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