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William Davidow: Dire Consequences of Overconnectedness

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Commonwealth Club of California

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 07.12.11, 04:36 PM
CORPORATE CREATION GREAT LIAR THE 1000 POINT DROP WAS PLANNED TO SCARE GOV^T INTO BAILING OUT THE BANKS IN USA AND EUROPE THE FLASH CRASH WAS LIKE THE 2YK problem where all computers were supposed to stop, Massive Panic at time of Clinton. Davidow great Corporate bullshitter. Create a problem sell the solution. Never let a disaster go to waste why wait for a disaster when you can create a disaster. Wall street extorted the Gov`t took taxpayer money. Planned CRASH 2008 Planned CRASH BY JP MORGAN 1929 Every one of the Companies Davidow worked for Screwed the Public ROYAL. Listen to this creep push public fear and identity theft pushing for Inter net kill switch. Just like GUN CONTROL take away your Guns take away your knowledge. Too bad He is on the Wrong side of History. Like TSA looking for reasons to rape or radiate at airports. Data mining for Slave sales, Sell the people,MONEY BEFORE ETHICS MONEY BEFORE PRINCIPLE. At least He knows that julian is a genius.Wiki Leaks is necessary, When you have bull shitters like This corporate Monster. Torture Manning, no charges SHAME USA KILLERS. Helicopter Apache massacre Journalists, What About that? 8000 military kids committed suicide 2010 what about that?? 18 a day for one year. Or 3.5 Trillion Dollars wasted om killing them and yourself WOW!NOT THE INTER NET THE KILLERS USA MILITARY USA PEOPLE ARE THE KILLERS!
amod Avatar
Posted: 04.05.11, 09:44 AM
Mr. Davidow, I am astonished that you don't seem to have heard of the Semantic Web and the Personal Data Locker that will soon dissipate all your fears. I highly recommend that you read the book "Pull: The Power of the Semantic Web to Transform Your Business" by David Siegel. You can also get some great information by visiting the author's blog at Think positively! Added - Are you serious? Charging for email? The world needs bold imaginative thinking, not retrogressive "fixes". The answer is to move data from silos owned by corporations into Personal Data Lockers (PDLs) where people own and control their own data. When a transaction occurs, the PDL will GET the merchant's data, as opposed to SHARING the buyer's info. "Push" models are giving way to "Pull" models and the world will be completely transformed in the next few years. The Commonwealth Club has done itself a huge disservice by inviting someone who is completely out of touch with the new technological paradigm. Not only did I not learn anything from this substandard talk, but it convinced me that I could actually teach your speaker a few things.
Nishant Singh Avatar
Nishant Singh
Posted: 01.25.11, 08:09 AM
Until now i thought that the "Free Economy" was supposed to be free(Do whatever you like type). Isn't it basic principle of this free economy to provide cheapest possible to the consumer? Then why do we have a problem with Job quote Auctions online? Besides who doesn't want "needed" information at their fingertips in real time? We might as well look forward to the good old days when mail was posted on ships and took two months to reach. Internet, no doubt comes with its set of problems such as Viruses, Botnets, Hackers and ID theft, but those are more than compensated by its speed, etc. All it needs is some basic protection and maybe some investment. Insurance? Internet never asked Wall Street to make and sell CDO's, the greedy nexus of the rule makers and their financiers did. We expect them to make rules, when all they could care about is the next election. Besides this could just as well have been a test run for the "Dreamliner 787" of the finance system. And I pay for the "Free E-mail" by tolerating those "You are 1 000 000 visitor" banners.
TreeLuvBurdpu Avatar
Posted: 01.23.11, 07:56 PM
He takes it for granted that positive feedback loops caused the 2008 crash. He ignores the "ultimate insider trading", the people who rig the playing field, the regulators and the Fed. In order to believe what he says, these systems must have been working flawlessly, otherwise they would have created the problem too.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 01.22.11, 05:18 PM