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Dr. Jean-Jacques Hublin: Neanderthals Deciphered

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johnnyhands Avatar
Posted: 01.01.12, 11:28 PM
The side-by-side picture of the H. Sapien vs. Neanderthal was confusing to me. At 09:15 , he seems to describing the H. Sapien on the right, but the slide is labeled backward ("H.Sapien/Neanderthal" on the slide), and he never gives another verbal clue to which is which. Is the H. Sapien skull on the right or left? If on the right, why would anyone giving a talk, showing slides, NOT label them in correct left-right order of how they're displayed? (Update: I have since googled pictures of the skulls side-by-side, and indeed, the H. Sapien is on the right - goofy!)
TheProphetNabob Avatar
Posted: 02.18.11, 03:44 AM
stupid Flash
pack Avatar
Posted: 02.03.11, 12:52 PM
Can't see any video at all
Trevar Avatar
Posted: 02.03.11, 11:48 AM
@bavwill: Sorry the video is loading slowly for you. Where do you live? Thanks.
bavwill Avatar
Posted: 02.03.11, 05:22 AM
The videos never used to be this choppy. Slow bloody loading! Argh!
diavel Avatar
Posted: 02.02.11, 04:34 PM
Very interesting. Many things I didn't know! I think I have to watch it one more time not to lose anything.