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Robert Mertz: Affluent Generation Y

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hannamorris Avatar
Posted: 09.10.11, 04:15 AM
Thank you for the video clip. In connection with generation Y, please allow me to share significant information here. Basically, millennial or generation Y are born in the mid-1980's. Therefore, Gen Y are legal professionals who are in their 20's and are just entering the workforce. They are also considered anti-consumer. I believe that one of the reasons why they are considered as the "generation of anti-consumers" or they are hard to sell products because Generation Y are pessimistic about financial future . Yes, you read it right! Economic recession played a huge factor for this. According to a recent survey, most of those who came into adulthood during the Great Recession are already worrying too much about retirement, and so they are not confident that they will have money in the near future. That is why, albeit this generation are tech-savvy, they are still tight with regard to budget.

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