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Monitor Breakfast: Former DNC Chair Howard Dean

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TreeLuvBurdpu Avatar
Posted: 01.23.11, 07:59 PM
Sometimes the things you say, Mr. Dean, say more about you than about the person you talk about. Mr. Dean is a loyalist.
Sokratez Avatar
Posted: 01.12.11, 02:57 PM
@Dean Calls Tea Party 'Last Gasp' of Aging Generation: Mr. Dean, Word!
Alikar Avatar
Posted: 01.09.11, 09:31 PM
Err... a large number of the people I know my Age (mid 20s) are pro Tea party and as I get older I find people are growing more conservative with age. I really don't think Dean has a good head on his shoulders when it comes to this topic.
Timothy_Z Avatar
Posted: 01.06.11, 11:00 AM
Howard Dead doesn't like racism, but he doesn't seem to have a problem with emphasizing the race of his political opponents to broadly discredit them. Then he calls them racist. This is surely intended to divide and distract Americans and obstruct important, complex political issues with race baiting. That seems very unhealthy. Howard dean should concentrate on the policy proposals of his opponents, why is he focusing on the color of their skin?
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