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A Spiritually Inspired Future: Chopra, Cohen & Huffington

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william yenner Avatar
william yenner
Posted: 01.14.11, 06:16 AM
I was dismayed to learn that Urban Zen, Arianna Huffington and the Huffington Post were participating in a forum at which spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen was one of two main speakers. ("Creating a Spiritually Empowered Future"; organized by long time Cohen student Gerard Senehi.) Apparently Andrew Cohen's background was not fact checked. The record is clear that Cohen faces numerous serious allegations of abuse over a 20 year period: There are now three books by former students documenting harmful treatment and a blog by former students exposing Cohen. The allegations, now very well documented, include physical, emotional and financial abuses - and to date none of the abuse has ever been apologized for or satisfactorily addressed in any way. I was a 13 year student of Cohen's during which time I was a community leader and member of the Board of Directors. The book I've written, along with contributors, documenting the history of abuse is "American Guru: A Story of Love, Betrayal and Healing". Another book is by Cohen's own mother who was at one time his student: "The Mother of God" by Luna Tarlo. Many articles exposing abuse are posted on the blog WhatEnlightment??!. Authors of the articles posted include 3 former editors of Cohen's EnlightenNext magazine along with over 20 other former members of Cohen's student body. William Yenner
rajiv85 Avatar
Posted: 01.07.11, 10:14 PM
Delusioned thoughts cause people to believe in delusioned things. Mr Chopra.. as I could expect from the large number of indians.. specially with the type of beliefs they very usually stick to.. I can go to India and I can blindfold myself and pick with 100% chance 10 times in a row.. someone who believes a stone in the form of a monkey is God! I can sense Mr Chopra is one of them.. since he speaks of what Lord Krishna says etc.. I mean such people.. they are relatively hopeless in my view and wasted the whole of their lives restraining themselves. They think a crazy world is crazy.. they fail to see that a world without this craziness is a dead world. The world needs crazy people. The basis of creativity is this craziness. But instead of embracing this wider world of openess..they close themselves like a carp... and seclude themselves in a world of meditation and blame the world for the pressure they feel. If they just added 2 words in their vocabulary: ' just live'.. they wud have made better things of their lives. Also I have to say that a number of things stated by Mr Chopra is wrong. The four levels of being ..i dont think what he said is right. It is personal for him but not absolutely right. Also the figures about technology I believe it to be wrong. he said in 10 years computers become a billion times faster I think.. i have made a rough calculation ..and i do not know how he comes to such figures.. Overall.. i give Mr Chopra a 1 on 10. 1 only because he is not the worst guy you may meet on the street.. albeit very delusioned. 0 for the whole worth of the speech because it is really missguided and missinformed and really off track with everything happening in the world. What we heard is comments from people living inside their world. Not from people living in the world that is happening. Huge respect for Senehi tho ...was the only reason I plugged to the speech initially.. I know of his remarkable powers. Disappointed we heard nothing important from him. But he supports good causes which i respect.
rajiv85 Avatar
Posted: 01.06.11, 08:23 AM
Really.. I think the speakers.. probably with the exception of lady from Huffinton Post.. I think they made a whole mess of this topic. I listened to them.. and I think this is delusional and missinformed. The world is NOT MOVING with them. What is happening is that the WORLD is MOVING and they are trying to move along...or probably worst.. they are trying not to move. I was getting the feel Mr chopra was not exactly in line.. then I was irrked when he mentioned things about Lord Krishna.. etc.. at this point I stopped watching and I would not be recommending this to people to watch. What I have to say to those people is this. The mind has the capacity to be delusioned and believe it is true. I mean how can someone be absolutely certain of what he is speaking.. when he speaks of Lod Krishna? I cant believe scientific people could possibly believe.. in such figures of mythology.
sutna Avatar
Posted: 12.26.10, 07:01 AM
Agree with invictus_88
Shikha Avatar
Posted: 12.23.10, 10:18 PM
I agree
Quote: Originally Posted by alhberto A spirituality that is not grounded in the larger interdependence of all that is living with us (seen and unseen)remains a truncated and not fully lit offering. May we Offer together a whole body? We Already Have. O. (Delight and Wonder) It will be seen. Amen.
Shikha Avatar
Posted: 12.23.10, 09:49 PM
Life Thank you I have enjoyed, at times, both absurdity and waffles. I would love to further my understanding of the meaning of 'Word', collectively What a Load of Heart, ignite; and I Love the Joy in Laughter, as I look the eyes of the Possible Becoming I send warmth and blessings, You may, too. Amen.
Lyle Ridings Avatar
Lyle Ridings
Posted: 12.18.10, 06:18 PM
How many of you saw Deepdodo owned by Leonard Mlodinow recently on the Larry King show? Deepdodo made a fool of himself as usual. I love the new look; more and more the wise Master(bater). Can I become a sycophant and send him some ca$h too?
A.Vogel Avatar
Posted: 12.16.10, 07:13 AM
"... then I think we can do anything thats possible." Hahaha What a load of crap.
marwell Avatar
Posted: 12.15.10, 07:44 AM
This person, Deepak Chopra, is a moron. His portrait could be on Wikipedia along with the definition of the word. That he has such a huge crowd listening to him tells us something about us, collectively.
Invictus_88 Avatar
Posted: 12.15.10, 06:22 AM
Chopra is hilariously absurd. Can you believe people take his meaningless waffle seriously?