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Monitor Breakfast: Rep. Paul Ryan

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DesDownUnder Avatar
Posted: 01.26.11, 04:29 AM
What hypocrisy! Obama has constantly tried to reach bipartisan solutions but the Republicans just keep shifting the goal posts and obstructing consensus. You don't have to be a left wing progressive to see this, just honest.
Trevar Avatar
Posted: 12.10.10, 05:27 PM
@Adam: We recently updated our ratings system. You can now give the video a "Thumbs Up" by clicking on the hand icon located under the player's volume control. Thanks for the feedback!
PKo Avatar
Posted: 12.10.10, 03:06 PM
"By an overwhelming percentage," Leo begins, "the first warning symptom of a heart attack is death. I'm fortunate to be here. But it wasn't all luck. I was the beneficiary of the finest medical care in the world. Medical care available to me, to Governor Sullivan, but not to the millions of Americans with no or inadequate health insurance. They have their noses pressed against the windows of the world's greatest hospitals, best-trained doctors and nursing professionals, and when they most desperately need their services, they can't get in. Matt Santos and I don't want to leave anyone out in the cold if they get sick like I did. We want every man, woman, and child in this country to have full and equal access to the first-class treatment, that, I firmly believe, saved my life." West Wing 7.10 It´s available to all people in Europe to, at half price what you spend on health care in US. Well, some aspects of US is not to my liking.
Adam Keele Avatar
Adam Keele
Posted: 12.09.10, 07:06 PM
Why can't I vote on this video FORA?!?
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