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Uncommon Knowledge: Matt Ridley

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Charles Frith Avatar
Charles Frith
Posted: 01.26.11, 05:33 AM
Wow. The Hoover Institution towing the propaganda line? Talk about though tanking.
Fora2 Avatar
Posted: 01.24.11, 10:54 PM
MIT News, May 19, 2009: MIT Research published in the American Meteorological Society's JOURNAL OF CLIMATE, predicts at current rates of increase, a median probability global surface temperatures will rise +5.2 degrees Celsius (+9.3F) by the year 2100. (and a 95% probability global temperatures will rise +3.5C (+6.3F) by 2100.) A +5.2C rise in global temps. is likely beyond the tipping point for a mass release of natural methane from arctic permafrost. If we do pass that tipping point causing an uncontrolled release of arctic methane, global temps could spike as much as +10C (+18F) Sec. of Energy, Nobel physicist, Dr. Stephen Chu is concerned because we just don't know what that tipping point is.