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LIVE from the NYPL: Antonio Damasio & Marina Abramovic

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Plato.179 Avatar
Posted: 03.05.11, 07:19 PM
I believed they worked well together because she asked questions from the "other side" and his responses stayed in-line with what he was talking about which is the self and consciousness. Marinas' response to this conversation is her own artistic perspective of a non-self, i.e, deep meditation. No way a scientist will get her perspective of this in the same way as she herself. I think she teased him a bit quite coquettishly.
Plato.179 Avatar
Posted: 03.05.11, 07:00 PM
Ms.Abramavic brings up a fine point about self & consciousness using the example of the Bower bird who design of their home reminds one of the attentive (usually) female homemaker. I think it is art no matter its purpose. Her example of running in the park is called adrenaline. I havde another true example of when a women finds her child was hit by a car and she lifted the front of the car to release her child. Unexplained feats of strength are not uncommon. Mr. Damasio is a scientist and behaves as one, always attempting to find a rational argument for any issue. An exciting duo.
The Isolation Party Avatar
The Isolation Party
Posted: 01.07.11, 01:26 PM
this is highly entertaining/interesting/frustrating. i get the feeling that she is not interested in understanding the science/mechanisms behind our brains and the results that these constitute. an interesting pairing, for sure, but i find her to be obtuse and completely incurious about the subject matter, despite her paltry attempts at "stumping" him, which is all she seems to care to do. that said, i sort of feel like we didn't get enough of mr. damasio's insight because he winds up having to confirm/dispel her "doubts". maybe i'm off base here? anyone else getting this feeling?
thing Avatar
Posted: 11.22.10, 07:56 PM
this should be under satire/spoof section! she says: take that brain scientist. here is a brain conversing with you. talking all sorta bull. what do you make of that? he says: language is interesting. at the one end is the other end is talking with you.
morrison33 Avatar
Posted: 11.21.10, 05:09 PM
This is a comedy, hard to find two people more opposed to each other than these two. Damasio, a brilliant scientist and, I would say philosopher, and the lady, have not heard of her but she seems independent and cocky, so, I like her, who is in new agey stuff with an artistic twist, make for a perfect pair of human based comedy highlighting our little thoughts for as they are, little, fleeting, insignificant. All in all a pleasure to watch...

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