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Slavoj Zizek: God Without the Sacred

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phiscal Avatar
Posted: 10.21.11, 05:18 PM
Zizek is hilarious. Out of control, interesting, wild, stimulating. And not above discussing things beyond his pay grade. But there is no law against that in America.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 08.31.11, 06:57 PM
Too bad you cut out volume at the best moments perception management is one step away from communism freedom expression but freedumb is american
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 07.06.11, 05:30 PM
ZiZeK is easy to like, Wil Durant "wisdom is when you learn to live in a culture you were not born in. "See Yourself in Others" Buddha You are the other me,I am the other You. Mayan Wisdom. "What you Know is Who you become" I I have little need, and of this little need! !I have little need-St.Francis
Sindarius Avatar
Posted: 01.29.11, 09:31 AM
ryanserafin Avatar
Posted: 12.27.10, 04:23 PM
sodade Avatar
Posted: 12.17.10, 01:20 PM
Let me nonetheless after this depressing scene conclude on al lighter tone. I think the God you get is a God from a wonderful old bolsjevic joke from early 20's when communist propagandists were still taken minimally seriously, as the one who can really convince people - such a joke wouldn't have been possible already in the late 20's in Sovjet Union - about an able communist propagandist who - after his death - finds himself in hell, where he quickly (of course, being a good propagandist) convinces the guards to let him go, out, and he escapes to heaven. When, after a week, the devil notices, inspecting hell, his absence, he (devil) also goes up quickly, pays a visit to God demanding that God returns to hell what belongs to the devil. However, immediately after the devil starts to address God "Oh my Lord", God interrupts him because - of course - the communist propagandist has done his job also in heaven. God interrupts him: "First, I'm not your lord but a comrad. Second, are you crazy talking to fictions! I don't exist. And third: be short, otherwise I will miss my party cell meeting, I'm on the way to it." This is the God we need today, a god who fully, wholy becomes man, a comrad among us, crucified together with 2 social outcasts and who not only doesn't exist but himself knows this, entirely passing over into the love that binds together members of the holy Gost, which is the name of a - the emancipatory collective, running to meet to the party meeting means: "Sorry I belong to the holy Gost, the community of believers where I'm one of the equals. That's the God I'm ready to die for.
TomT Avatar
Posted: 12.12.10, 01:46 PM
Yeah, but he's hardly a bible bashing fundamentalist Christian ... God is a comrade and undergoes psychotherapy. I'd be up with that ... better than all the New Age spiritual gibberish.
A.Vogel Avatar
Posted: 11.28.10, 08:13 AM
I won't be serprised if it was censored. The end of this speech goes against the dusgusting-atheist ideas Fora-TV wants to push. Listen to how Zizek ends on the NYPL website.
Anthony69 Avatar
Posted: 11.16.10, 04:28 PM
I'm thinking it was censored... lol...
sum gai Avatar
sum gai
Posted: 11.15.10, 06:44 PM
Can anyone tell me how his joke about the communist propagandist ended? The sound cut out at 1:17:50