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More Perfect Than We Imagined: A Physicist's View

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socratus Avatar
Posted: 11.04.11, 12:27 AM
We are surrounded by Duality. 1. A central concept of Quantum Theory is wave–particle duality. 2. The Universe as whole is Two - Measured World: one Reference Frame is the Matter World and another Reference Frame is the Vacuum World. It is possible to say that we are surrounded by Double Universe. 3. Our brain works on dualistic basis: usually as a logical consciousness and rarely as an unconsciousness. It means the interaction between billions and billions neurons can be in two states: a) In the state of consciousness ( C) b)or in the state of unconsciousness ( U). The question is: How can the information ( or quantum of information ) transfer ( or be transferred) from the state C to the state U and vice versa ? Isn’t this question similar to the puzzle of quantum tunneling ? =. Conclusion: The elementary particles, the Universe, the brain – all they have dualistic basis. And until now the dualistic phenomena has no solution. ===. P.S. "... indeed an understanding of psi phenomena and of consciousness must provide the basis of an improved understanding of quantum mechanics." / Evan Walker / # ‘ The old philosophical question: Does only the brain create Consciousness ? Some scientists are not sure .’ / Book ‘The Holographic Universe.’ by Michael Talbot. / # Daniel Shechtman who won the 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry for quasi crystals, having spent much of his career being vilified and exiled as a crank “I was thrown out of my research group. They said I brought shame on them with what I was saying.” ===. Israel Sadovnik Socratus. =====.
maybury Avatar
Posted: 08.18.11, 07:27 AM
Optimised Design at the edge of Physical and computational possibility. How could evolution have got it there when it wouldn't have worked until being optimised. I can no longer swallow evolution as the design mechanism.