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The State of the Economy: Timothy Geithner

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mavallarino Avatar
Posted: 10.27.10, 08:49 AM
Dont't worry, he doesn't (understand). He's very neglectful. If you want somebody that has learned to understand problems, I would suggest listening to David Cameron.
CulturalEngineer Avatar
Posted: 10.26.10, 08:09 AM
I can't help feeling sad listening to Mr. Geithner. And maybe with a little sense of tragedy... not only for him but for all of us. He's a very bright man. I believe he has a good sense of many of the problems and would like to implement solutions to better both the nation and world. However I believe he's trapped by his own paradigms... both in mis-understanding the changing nature of our global 'metabolism'... (Humanity is at 100's of times the total biomass of any previous land animal... if you include animal husbandry and industrial agriculture... human dominated biomass is even much larger than that.) As well as not recognizing fundamental problems in credit creation and finance - the technology of money - and its relationship to individual and collective decisions... i.e. the way this developing global social organism addresses these issues. The fundamental determinant of the success or failure of a civilization is the nature of its Social Energy* *Social Energy: Individual and collective decisions operating within the limits of available resources and natural law which result (quite literally) in the product you see as a civilization. A decision here is defined as an idea + an action. Decisions can be motivated by any number of factors. Technologies result from previous decisions thus becoming available resources. And decision here is defined broadly… everything from “Let’s build a pyramid for the pharoah!” to “I’ve got a headache I think I’ll lie down.” Anyway enough of that here... But one other bit of news! PATENT IS GRANTED by USPTO for CHAGORA ** mechanism for political/charitable contribution!!! **A self-supporting , Commons-owned neutral network of accounts for both political and charitable monetary contribution... which for fundamental reasons of scale must allow a viable micro-transaction (think x-box points for action in the Commons). The resultant network catalyzes additional functionality for co-ordination of other 'social energy' utilization. (If desired, It's also the most neutral and ultimately politically viable method for the public finance of elections.) (The political micro-contribution, even where only occasionally useful, drives the creation of a vitally important and stable universally distributed network of primary importance for scaled association and decision.) Why Politics MUST be Localized Empowering the Commons: The Dedicated Account (Part I) Personal Democracy: Disruption as an Enlightenment Essential Demo & FAQ Chagora LinkedIn
realister Avatar
Posted: 10.22.10, 02:52 AM
I really hope he knows what is he talking about. Like claiming that US is not inflating the dollar.