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Mark Bittman: The Food Matters Cookbook

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PhilippaE Avatar
Posted: 06.27.11, 04:14 AM
was anyone else dumb-stuck by ""you moved women into the workforce to keep consuming" wow women are nothing better than stay at home 'cooks'.
evolvedHUMANOID Avatar
Posted: 12.12.10, 03:16 AM
we as humans need to stop using outdated crops there are far too many amazing plants we could use soy=awesome
AbsoluteLunacy Avatar
Posted: 10.29.10, 12:36 AM
Alcatar, I hope your right about this not becoming a problem for many years and that might be the case. I think that the only way that is going to happen though, if the west is able to keep the rest of the world poor enough that they can afford large amounts of meat. Which I do not think should or is going to happen. It is shown, as he stated, that as people become more affluent their diets change. If you add the, what, 2.5 billion in India and China to the projected population growth and have them all eating meat, those numbers become hard to meet. You also have the environmental issues surrounding food production. If you remember Russia's wheat supply got hammered by drought and fire. This caused wheat bans there and is expected to effect global markets on bread and meat. If the prediction on climate change are correct and we continue to convert forest to farm land it will speed up the change then we should except more crop shortages. Also, more farm land means greater excess in nutrients in run off water. This increases dead zones in the oceans and seas which lowers production of that source of food. I really do hope your right and I am just paranoid because I love meat. It is the only, somewhat healthy and easy way for me to get the calorie intake I need.
Alcatar Avatar
Posted: 10.18.10, 06:54 AM
With Indian land being able to produce enough crops (with the rest of the world's crops) after being developed, for a projected 12 billion people, I am confident this crisis will not be seen within my life time. However of course, water is an issue as in the growing human population and the point made in this video and by the many students in the USA making the same point is IMPORTANT and I'm glad it's being made. I am confident however that Indian soil on it's own, with it's government concentrating on improving it's own infrastructure and production capabilities (despite barring foreign influence from easily entering the nation commercially), will produce all we need to keep the western meat/food market similar to it's current state. No need to fear such an issue for many years to come. But a very important point to be made and alternative solutions must be kept at hand. Also, I greatly respect the students in the USA for making the point by becoming vegetarians to politically emphasise and highlight that it is an issue to be taken seriously. Sadly the slides aren't shown in the video though, although they don't seem that important anyway. Edit: Now I've gone and bought his two latest best-selling books because I need to learn how to cook anyhow. The world is listening, sir. I do hope ingredients include German and other European majors though!!!