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Sex & Violence: Junot Díaz, Joyce C. Oates & Wells Tower

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The New Yorker Festival 2010

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Sholom B Avatar
Sholom B
Posted: 12.03.10, 04:19 PM
I don't see it--whereas Dickinson's spare, abrupt reflections & explorations are barbed metaphors of ambivalence, if at times opaque, even angrily dismissive; Oates fictions strike me as prolix melodramas, achingly full of exhaustive sympathy. While these features may become eloquent virtues in Oates' teaching, whether by essay or lecture; they, along with stark contrasts between the lives of Victorian & contemporary women (& also literature), let alone between short poems & long works of prose, suggest to me greater differences than similarities between these writers. What major continuities or similarities do you see, specific to these two writers?
ricebowlsoup Avatar
Posted: 10.16.10, 10:35 PM
i had the same reaction - Emily Dickinson-like
binaryg Avatar
Posted: 10.14.10, 11:14 PM
Is JCO the Reincarnation of Emily Dickinson? She is looking more and more like ED, and her concerns are the same. So now I have a whole new canon to read.
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