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Monitor Breakfast: Congressman Barney Frank

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The InquiringMind Avatar
The InquiringMind
Posted: 09.29.10, 05:41 AM
I could not agree more with you. This douche-bags always wish for the manna from heaven. "Why make predictions, we make the best we can ..." hey Barney if this is the best you can you should go to the desert in the Middle East and pray for manna from the god of the Israelites. These people (are they really?) only know to give Sunday morning speeches about their own greatness, it would be laughable if it weren't so sad. And then there is a forum like Fora.TV to give them a platform. Its a sad sad world, I would have expected something better than that FORA.TV! Come on you can do it!
InVinoVeritas Avatar
Posted: 09.24.10, 09:04 AM
I rarely actually "laugh out loud" at things like this - but sweet Moses, I laughed so loud I almost startled myself when I heard Frank saying that the economy is "ready to take off." Sadly, this isn't 1982 and the economy is nowhere near ready to "take off" as much as a dude like Frank wishes they were.
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