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Is Obama's Foreign Policy Working?

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Previous FORAtv comments:
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 02.26.12, 01:13 PM
WAR DRUMS ARE BEATING WIPED OUT LIBYA EGYPT BAHRAIN YEMEN SO NOW SYRIA AND IRAN: RUSSIA AND COMMUNIST CHINA IN UNITED NATIONS VETO SAID NO! OPBAMA IS THE MASTER DRONE KILLER KILLING AT A DISTANCE CAN`T STAND SIGHT OF BLOOD COWARD PRESIDENT; SIGNED NDAA LAST DAY OF THE YEAR 2011 SHAME OBAMA, Threw out elected pres.of Honduras and put in Killer General LOBO to sell more arms. SOLDIERS PISS ON THE DEAD BURN KORANS NIGHT RAIDS! SEC. PANETTA said military 2010 34,000 military rapes and 8000 suicides in one year, he says it is down from 2006 when military had 42,000 rapes. Sec.Clinton said global leadership in USA DNA that is WHY THE NDAA. Are we having fun yet losing all your rights Fema camps for up coming protesters.Demockracy for CORPORATE SLAVES! Peter 2011 Feb.
Kumo Avatar
Posted: 10.13.10, 05:52 AM
And the otherthrow of the democratically elected of government Iran in 1953 engineered by MI5 and the CIA?
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 10.03.10, 09:22 PM
Thank You Fora tv, Christopher looks great after his recent bout with Cancer, his therapy was very harsh and yet here He is, as good as ever. He gained some weight back, recovery looks good! Obama wants to do things He is good at, War is not one of them. Obama is not, never was a military Man, and Usa involved with 3 wars, 900 bases world-wide. How does one get on a horse who knows not how to ride. The experience was and is not there. His talents are wasted on War! Yes military attack on Iran is far better than letting the Supreme leader have nukes! A beleif in a life here- after destroys the present moment, trying to Jam the past into the future destroys the now where the youth have no choice! No Nukes for Iran.
jimnn Avatar
Posted: 10.02.10, 08:14 PM
It is so sad: if the guests speak their minds, they are ignorant pundits; if they are knowledgeable, they chatter rubbish.
thealgol Avatar
Posted: 10.01.10, 04:15 PM
"El Hitch" is wonderful, articulate and intelligent. Just because we don't know, doesn't mean there isn't a plan.
B.Soto Avatar
Posted: 09.29.10, 11:48 PM
rbaham, "Prudish"? If you're going to try to pass your ad hominem aspersions,and highly subjective opinions about a world renown intellectual's personality as valid (let alone relevant), you should at least take the time to be clear on the definitions of the words you're using.
NotTheStatusQuo Avatar
Posted: 09.29.10, 09:32 PM
Great to see Hitch still giving talks.
web coaster Avatar
web coaster
Posted: 09.29.10, 08:00 PM
interesting article commenting on Obama's handling of the 9/11 mosque
rbaham Avatar
Posted: 09.29.10, 02:29 PM
Perhaps a bit prudish.

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